Surrender and Control

Surrender and Control

Surrender and Control

The more you try to less you succeed. The more you want to control, the less control you have. The more you seek, the less you receive. The more you try to find your way, the less you find yourself. Surrender is the means to control. Not control with force, or aggression or ambition, like a man forcing his will upon the world, but like the wind that controls the falling of a leaf.

The word control itself is unnecessary, because you cannot control anything. Yet you try everyday, and you fail. You sleep, you wake up, you try it again. Why? When you don’t succeed, you think you lack willpower. So next time you try harder, you fail harder. Sometimes you succeed, and pay a big price, or someone else does. Is that success?

Personal conflicts become worse when prevented, fights tend to erupt where order is enforced. A barking dog calms down once it’s done. Muddy waters clear when left untouched. The storm passes and the grass survives. Inaction prevails over action.

Move with the energy of life. Listen to its slightest whisper. Change as it wants you to change, move when it wants you to move, flow when it wants you to flow, and hold back all action where there is none required.

Unless you surrender, you won’t have control. Be obsessed with control, and you will not have it.  Surrender to gain control, and you still won’t have it. Surrender to surrender and you will have control. Be attached to either and you will have neither. Go beyond the words, feel it. Do it.

The gate is narrow. The rope is tight. The distance is vast. Walk with your head steady, breathe with the wind, spread your wings, and hold on to nothing.

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    Loved the post keep it up!

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