Seek balance within. Fine tune your senses to its existence and to its loss. Sexuality is a great double-edged sword. Pay close attention to it. Don’t be obsessed with it. When shared with a loved one, it’s a tremendous balancing force, when exploited for the sake of senses, it becomes dangerous and addictive.

Like a snake that coils around its victim, it will slowly find its way around your mind. It will constrict as you exhale, and eventually choke the life out of you. Be wary of this snake. Yet a garden needs a snake to keep the rodents away. A balance in nature is kept when all things find their proper place.

A good man or woman is concerned with balance, in her own nature, and in her actions. An act of exploiting the senses creates a residue in the memory. That residual experience always seeks to complete itself, like a pendulum wants to find the center if you hold it at one extreme. This residual memory coerces you into perverse action so as to complete itself. But it never completes itself, because perverse action only leads to more residue in memory and more perverse action.

A balanced action leaves no residue. There is no distinctive memory left behind from a sexual experience with a loved one. It’s beautiful while it lasts, and all but forgotten when it ends, leaving no residue behind. It completes the people involved, if there is love, and hence does not split the mind. But if there is no love, a sexual experience divides your mind.

A part of that division is in the present, but the other part gets recorded in the emotional memory as a residue which is incomplete in itself and hence seeks completion. Its urge to complete creates harmful thoughts in your mind. Thoughts which lead to further incorrect action, and hence to more residue. Soon a destructive habit is born, that takes hold of the mind.

Use your senses for their proper purpose. Don’t abuse them to intensify any experience. If you find peace, be ok with a little of it. If you find pleasure, don’t chase after it. If you find pain, allow it come and flow out of you. Remember, a sword used sparingly remains sharp for a long time. Seek balance always. In actions, thoughts, emotions, and behavior. Don’t struggle to find balance, for struggle prevents it. Surrender, and let balance find itself.

The gate opens for those who don’t knock on it.

A flower blooms when least expected.

The thirsty find an abundance of water in low places.


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