What is Finding Awareness?

The first step in understanding oneself

The one reason why self-control does not work

If you have spent a lot of time trying to develop self-control or willpower, you know how difficult it can be to improve yourself. If you have not seen a significant change in yourself, even after many years of trying, you eventually have to ask the inevitable question, does self-control ever work? 

The one way to avoid hard work

We are all programmed to believe that without hard work, nothing can be achieved. But, have we ever seriously questioned that assumption? What if it's not true? 

The one reason why we suffer, and how to go beyond it.

Do you find this depressing? Do you want skip this post? Most of us don't care about suffering until it is right upon us. We want to avoid thinking about it at all costs, and focus on cheerful thoughts and pleasant emotions, yet, no matter how determined we are at avoiding this problem, it has no intention of avoiding us. 

The one reason why goals don’t work.

Do you ever feel like you don't reach your goals because you are not trying hard enough, or you are not motivated enough? What if our success has more to do with how we set goals, rather than what the goals are ? Is there is something fundamentally wrong with our goal-setting itself?