Meditation vs. ambition

It seems to occur during meditation this pause,  space through which something real, truthful enters this world of chaos and confusion.  Peace begins to settle on a restless mind that has until now only turbulence and apathy.

The truth that reveals itself does not seem to have any argument against it. Its plain, simple and has that quality of rawness to it, like a fragrance of an unknown flower. What can be seen in such a state of mind is incapable of confusion or misinterpretation. It seems plain and obvious. It’s there, like a mountain. One must either conquer it or go around it. Not even the blind may miss it.

Ambition then seems antithetical to this kind of meditation. Ambition being an intense desire to see a certain kind of future for oneself. Doesn’t matter how noble or ignoble, an ambition is a direction of willful intention. All direction given to the mind is ultimately revealed to ensnare it.

Ambition is a desire. Your desire is small, and so are your thoughts that go along with that desire. Even the desire to help the world is a very small and petty desire. It’s not indicative of a freedom from choice. The choice has been made, and the mind has been arrested by it. There is no freedom to not move towards a predestined future.

That freedom to have the capacity to not only act but also to be devoid of action, is real meditation. An ambitious mind cannot touch it, except by accident. It is always occupied and busy, forever pushing deeper into the realization of its goals. Therefore such a mind is never meditating. It is only looking for more cunning ways to get what it wants. Surely, that is not meditation.

Goals may be set and one may toil for years to accomplish them, but in meditation, such a movement is but a self-limiting activity. In meditation, the mind is immovable and yet ungraspable like the wind. It occupies everything, and yet it is smaller than a grain of sand.

A desire then is a hindrance, and a mind full of desire is not a meditating mind. It is a petty mind seeking its simplistic and inane goals. It knows nothing of real freedom.

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