The great storm of suffering

In a great storm, the wise bird returns to her nest and waits patiently - The I'Ching

The great storm of suffering

Most people never really meet their suffering. They run form it, fight it, manipulate others to get over it, or succumb to base desires to escape from it. But they don’t meet it.

To meet your suffering you have to learn how to stay with it. Staying with suffering requires you to suffer with grace. Suffering with self-pity is easy. Suffering with grace is hard. It is probably one of the hardest thing a human being can endure.

If you can endure without looking for an immediate solution to your suffering, and not become a victim of anger, doubt or sorrow, then you can arise out of it, having received real strength in the process. Suffering is an indication of attachment. If you feel that the attachment is necessary, your suffering is also necessary and therefore, inevitable.

A lower path goes towards lashing out angrily, or becoming distraught with pain, or manipulating the situation or the people involved to get away from it. A higher path goes towards self-awareness, positive inaction, and infinite patience.

You must look straight at the eye of the storm without being afraid, without closing your eyes, without flinching, and without any desire to fight it. The road to inner strength is not found by standing like a tree but by bending with the winds like grass. It is not found by becoming bright and furious but by becoming soft and peaceful.

The most important thing is to let go of the desire to act in order to end your suffering, especially if you feel that inaction is impossible. Even if you can help the situation, first learn to accept it as it is.

Acceptance and positive inaction trains the mind to relax under extreme pressure. When relaxed the mind sees the solution clearly. Then you can act, but until then co-exist with the great storm of suffering, become one with it, move with it, flow with it, but do not fight it.

A storm never lasts and when it leaves you will be left intact and stronger than before, just like a blade of grass, refreshed and energized to grow taller.

Let the storm slowly come over you and let it center above. Here it comes.

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