How to find a solution to any problem you have

We often begin by blaming our problems on others or the world. That is the surest way to prolong whatever problem we find ourselves in. Read this post to find out how to approach any problem in our life and move towards a solution, on your own terms. 

How to build self esteem Part – II

Now that you have a good understanding of what's happening inside your mind after reading Part I, find out what must be done about it. Controlling an elephant might be easier than controlling the mind. So how does one stop it from going down the same beaten paths it takes everyday?  

How to build self esteem – Part I

Fortunately the correct solution doesn't involve trying out different hobbies, or forcibly meeting new people you don't like, or doing anything which makes your feel even more uncomfortable than you already do. Read this post to find out what's really happening inside your mind, so you can begin the process of building real self esteem.