3d-cover-transparentWhat’s it about?

The biggest hurdle for us in finding peace and happiness, is to be in the present moment. If we can be present, then everything becomes simple and easy. Also, we become free of stress and fear. We can be relaxed and focus on the task at hand.

Yet, we cannot be in the present. Our mind is occupied with a million things, and because of which, we are always distracted. This book is about understanding how our mind works and perhaps more importantly, how it doesn’t work. It is about understanding we often have two opposing emotions or thoughts. Why we feel like doing the wrong thing, even when we know its wrong, and why we find the right things so hard to do.

Awareness is a means to understand our mind so we can stop fighting with it.

Of course, this is easier said than done. Our mind is like an elephant which listens to no one, least of all, to ourselves. The only way to guide that elephant gently where we want it to go, is through a simple meditative practice. I call it the F.L.Y method. I have practiced several meditation techniques but none that seemed comprehensive. So I had to create one for myself, which was simple, yet powerful.

Here is the full table of contents.

  1. Introduction: Why are we are not present?
    1. What is image-making?
    2. Why do we label?
    3. Why do we talk to ourselves?
  2. Patterns, beliefs and limitations
    1. What are patterns?
    2. How are beliefs created?
    3. How are limitations created?
  3. What is Awareness?
    1. The two selves
    2. How the Thinker is born.
    3. Effects on your body
  4. The FLY Method : The one meditation technique.
    1. Step 1:
    2. Step 2: 
    3. Step 3: 




Image courtesy of Amit | Finding Awareness