Are you yourself at the moment, or are you trying to feel something else, be somewhere else or become someone else? Are you content with who you are, or are you reaching for more, beyond your grasp?

Some say that is the definition of being human, to want the next thing, to always improve, to grow, to thrive, to expand. They never ask the question, who is reaching out, and for what? What you try to become is your own conception, a product of your imagination. Our imagination comes from our experience. It is a modified form of something we have seen or felt before. So that end we imagine is a place we have already been to, in our minds. It is not real.

Sometimes, I see my dog running in circles. He is trying to catch his own tail, as if it is an object of great interest. Only after he catches it, does he realize that it’s already a part of him. Then, the only thing he can do to get out of that awkward position, is to let go.

If you believe that trying to become something will complete you, then by all means, pursue it. But what if you were already complete? Then, the act of reaching out, would actually make you incomplete, wouldn’t it? Like a millionaire, who begins to feel that she lacks something, the moment she has a desire for more money. That is the moment, she becomes poor.

When you realize that this moment is complete, then you stop avoiding it in search of something else. You stop reaching out. You are here, and you are fulfilled.

Then, all actions become easy, because their purpose is to acquire material, non-essential, the secondary things of life. The essential is already here, it is always here. Can you feel it?

What do you want to become? What are you searching for? Where are you going? Close your eyes and know that everything you ever wanted, is already here.

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